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Unparalleled realism powered by

ArtSense technology 


Choose & explore thousands of artworks, all in one smart digital canvas


Canvia’s patent-pending ArtSense technology dynamically adapts to visual conditions, ensuring all images look like real paintings & prints - whatever the environment


Canvia gives access to an extensive curated collection of the best art and photography in the world, including recommended and custom playlists

We've partnered exclusively with leading contemporary artists and photographers to share the next generation of art - worth over $500M

Art for every context

Our collection offers an exhaustive range of genres, subjects, eras and media

Curated playlists

Our fully searchable library uses themed playlists to help you find the art that's right for you

Art world classics

Famous works of art from internationally renowned museums, galleries and exhibitions (e.g. Louvre, Met, Rijksmuseum, National Gallery and many more)

One of the most successful crowdfunded campaigns ever with over $320K raised!

“Canvia is nearly indistinguishable from a real canvas”

“Canvia replicates texture and brushwork realistically enough that it’s difficult to tell the difference”

“Canvia appears as a physical print or painting instead of a digital image”


“I was skeptical at first but after seeing Canvia I was amazed. It really looks like a real painting.”

“...the ability to change the paintings to whatever I want with a very realistic appearance is remarkable. Well done Canvia team.”

“You have to see Canvia to believe how revolutionary it this... absolute genius.”

Dan Chia, Dallas  

Peter Jackson, San Francisco

Kurt M, New York


Control Canvia with an intutive app, web or voice-enabled devices and explore art with unique interactive features

Zoom and reposition art 

to reveal exquisite details

Overlay captions to learn about artworks and artists

Upload your own images & photos

Orientation control

1.8 GHz Quad Core ARM Processor; 2GB DDR3 RAM

WiFi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (supports both 2.1 GHz & 5GHz)

16GB of storage (up to 10K artworks or images)

1920 x 1080 FHD resolution

Advanced High Performance Monitor


iOS & Android support



Depth = 1.6"


We connect with international artists, galleries and art organizations to find and promote the best art in the world.

Interested in joining?

Kennedy Meadows, Amelia Bernays Pitti