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Remove your Canvia from the packaging. The power cable, hinge, screws and adapter (depending on region) will be in a smaller box.


Connect the power cable at the back and plug the Canvia device into a mains socket.



You will first see a splash screen with the Canvia logo.



After a few moments, you'll see this message appear in the top right of the screen. This indicates that Canvia is in AP mode.


Download the Canvia app (Search for "Canvia Experience" to find Canvia app) to your smartphone via the Play Store (for Android) or App Store (for iOS).


Open the app and select 'Sign up'

Enter a First Name, Last Name, Email address and account password and select 'Continue'


On the Scan Devices screen, select 'Canvia-AP-...'

On the next screen, choose the WiFi network you'd like to use with Canvia, enter the password and select 'Continue'


Wait for the device discovery process to complete. On the following Register Device screen, enter a name for your device and select 'Register'


Once registered, you'll see the app's home screen with Personal and Favourite Playlists. You'll need to add some playlists to your account via the Members site.

For a video tutorial of how to use the Canvia app, click here.

For a video tutorial of how to use the Canvia Members site, click here.

You can access the Members site here.

Please note that some Canvia features might change over time and we will be updating setup instructions and tutorials accordingly.